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Legalization push mistaken

People are encouraged to stop smoking cigarettes, and restrictions on public smoking have been implemented. A giant step forward.

Now we have a few rallying “to get with the times” and legalize marijuana. A giant step backward.

Why legalize an illegal substance which is seven times more carcinogenic than cigarettes, causes damage to the brain, heart, lungs, bones, skin, teeth, reproductive health and can create errors in DNA replication, leading to tumor growth? I have heard repeated testimony from teens and young adults as to how it led to their use of cocaine, meth, heroin, which is frightening.

True, it doesn’t always happen; however, it does happen.

More automobile accidents would occur by those with reasoning impairment driving under the influence of pot. Selling pot in liquor stores for tax revenue would be overridden by black-market sales of tax-free pot.

With so much emphasis on maintaining good health, legalizing marijuana would promote far more disease than it controls. Let’s stop this ludicrous attempt to legalize marijuana.

Marcia Girnus


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