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Solutions to the national debt

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are participating in the definition of insanity by repeating the same failed strategies and policies and expecting a different result – $14 trillion in debt and the president submits the next budget adding $1.6 trillion to our debt. This is national suicide!

Some solutions:

• Enforceable state and federal balanced budget laws.

• Energy independence. Use all of our national resources, oil, natural gas, clean coal and nuclear. We need a do-everything policy to bridge to a time when alternative choices are better. This will reduce our need for foreign intervention, create jobs and revenue and reduce the cost of energy and save lives.

• Social Security. Remove cap on contributions and Social Security money separation.

• U.S.-Mexico border. Secure with fence and personnel and immigration policy reform.

• Replace Obama health care plan with one that will increase competition and reduce costs. Require fees for all M.D. visits, increase premiums for Medicare and promote health savings accounts.

The U.S. is becoming less secure and competitive in a more dangerous and competitive world. The problems are not created by one party. Both parties have been irresponsible, but the solutions must be nonpartisan.

David Hamer


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