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Budget concern suspect

I’m disappointed. Cathy McMorris Rodgers ran on balancing the budget. She backs killing Obamacare when the OMB says it costs money to do so, and dismisses the OMB as in error (even though she used them to prove her positions in the past).

I wrote her and said raise my middle class taxes if that was the only way to equitably tax the 2 percent richest as well and help balance the budget. She said no, even though these types of tax cuts previously failed.

It is clear she doesn’t care about lowering the deficit. She has proved she only cares about her agenda. You can’t balance the budget on cuts to 15 percent of it. Defense, Social Security and Medicare need to be on the table along with revenue.

Everyone says treat it like your home budget. Can you balance your home budget by exempting the 85 percent that is hard? No. Would you take an extra job to earn more (like equitable taxes to increase revenues)? Yes.

Unfortunately, re-election and the elite 2 percent are more important to her. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. Doubt over. She is part of the problem.

Dirk Vastrick

Spokane Valley


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