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Sun., March 13, 2011, midnight

Firefighters not the impediment

In the article on March 9, “Fire administrators say consolidation is complicated by labor …” and “Economically it makes sense, but politically it may not.”

The firefighters are not complicating the issue; in fact, labor groups have developed multiple plans and solutions for consolidation. It makes economic sense for all agencies and especially the affected citizens. It appears some politicians and administrators have a fear of doing what is right for the community.

Are the citizens’ best interests being considered? Does each agency by itself have enough staff to provide a safe work environment to protect the citizens? Are the citizens getting what they are paying for? Duplication of services and multiple responses by various agencies is not the best way to provide service; it makes sense to merge and consolidate services.

Those in control say they are in favor of regionalization, but their actions say differently. Mergers and consolidation of services has the potential to save the taxpayer money and provide a better level of service.

Labor is not the problem. It is the administrators and politicians that stand to lose their position or role. Regionalization works and it is in the best interest of the citizens.

Mark Vietzke

President,Spokane Firefighters IAFF

Tim Lively

President, SIA Firefighters IAFF

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