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Sun., March 13, 2011

Public workers, meet reality

Finally we are seeing the public sector experiencing what most everybody in the private sector has been living with since the Democrats took over Congress in 2006 when this recession began.

Obama has stolen billions from taxpayers to help prop up union jobs. Money that could have been used to build business and create jobs has been confiscated to reward many who believe that their job is a right and that getting paid more for less work is a virtue.

What we are seeing in Wisconsin and soon in many other states is the result of big government ruining the economy that supports it. There can be no government jobs if the private sector isn’t healthy and paying the taxes that pay for it. Collective bargaining, which was created to protect workers from unethical businesses, has no place in the public sector.

Whom are the unions protecting the “workers” from? It’s the taxpayer, that’s who. If you have a job, be thankful, and I don’t want to hear how unfair it is that you may have to pay a little more yourself for your own needs. It’s high time you experience the “change” you voted for!

Rob Leach


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