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Wed., March 16, 2011, midnight

Longing for Ike’s day

I began my political life as an Eisenhower Republican. Nixon disappointed. Reagan demonized government while actually expanding it. He “cut taxes” while throwing an expensive feel-good party. He and Bush I quadrupled the national debt.

Bush II “cut taxes” again while actually increasing the budget, deferring the bill. He began two wars without raising the funds to do so, an American first. Republicans championed the relaxation of regulations, leading directly to Wall Street’s devastating the world economy and BP polluting the Gulf. These economic disasters have fallen on Obama’s desk and Republicans blame him.

The middle class is in deep trouble while the assets of the wealthiest Americans soar, abetted by Republican votes. Working people are blamed for the problems of government because they are represented by a union while billionaires finance the Wisconsin governor.

Fox News advertises “fair and balanced” while the former head of the Republican National Committee heads their news department.

I miss Ike! In the ’50s America grew a middle class. The wealthy paid a fairer share of taxes. We looked long-term, investing in scores of state schools with cheap tuition. It’s not quite this simple. But it is this true.

Larry Winters


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