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Bypass government

I have read numerous letters railing against program cuts to those in need. And in every case, the writer fails to mention how we should pay for all the programs.

By now, it should be clear to everyone that our obligations are unsustainable and that our government does not have a magic wand. To those people, I must ask – what will happen to those in need when the money runs out? Will you pick up the tab yourself? If not, is it because you are so selfish? Or simply unable to afford it? Same dilemma, smaller scale.

If you are waiting for the government to raise everyone’s taxes to keep these programs going, there is a more immediate solution. Many charities out there would love your support, and standing around complaining does them no good. What they need is funding and volunteers. This allows you to choose which organizations get your support, instead of letting the government decide how much you should give, how much they will keep for “overhead,” and who gets what’s left. You care about those in need – now show them that they can count on you for something other than lip service.

Gail Oehl



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