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Neighbors reaffirm faith in the process

I’m writing this letter to let everyone in Spokane know the American system can work, citizens can be heard, and we can make a difference when we get involved.

Recently, our residential neighborhood located on North Walnut Road in Spokane Valley was targeted for a 50-unit apartment complex. Neighbors started talking to neighbors. We as a neighborhood decided to take action.

More than 75 neighbors submitted testimony voicing the ill effects this project would place on our community. The City of Spokane Valley’s planning commission listened and voted against the proposed zoning change.

John Carroll, planning commission chairman, summed it up the best during deliberation with a powerful statement: “Wrong place! Wrong time!”

If our neighborhood hadn’t taken action, this project would have destroyed our neighborhood. This is a testimonial illustrating the American system is alive and well. Thanks again, commissioners and neighbors, for all your time and commitment in helping our neighborhood on North Walnut Road remain a quiet, residential neighborhood.

Levi Strauss

Spokane Valley