March 17, 2011 in Features

The Slice: O’what a wonderful day it is

By The Spokesman-Review

If everyone’s last name started with an O today, we would have Mary O’Verner, Mark O’Few, Ozzie O’Knezovich, John O’Blanchette, Duane O’Hagadone, Blase O’Cupich, Lisa O’Brown, Bob O’Apple, Shaun O’L. O’Higgins …

The list of readers who said Spokane is far from the most sports-obsessed place in which they have lived includes: Pete Black, who lived in Green Bay, Wis.; Richard Burris, who lived in Lincoln, Neb.; Steve Webbenhurst, who lived in Odessa, Texas; Kathy Dempsey, who grew up in a small town in Indiana.

No, thanks: There are people around here who would rather eat bees than touch the magazines in a medical office waiting room.

“Dear, would you prefer Live Cultures Illustrated or Mystery Smear Monthly?”

Vox populi: Some readers agreed with my lack of enthusiasm for daylight saving time (Kay Stoltz called DST “Poppycock”) and with my low tolerance for the song “Louie Louie” (“Fingernails on a blackboard,” wrote Kathy Bauer).

Some, however, did not. “Are you also a Birther?” wondered one.

But most were polite when calling me an idiot.

Speaking of my relationship with column readers: The other day, 8-year-old James Landsiedel had a question for his grandparents.

“Who is this Paul Turner guy and why is he always in the paper?”

The lad reportedly accepted his grandfather’s explanation and has become something of a Slice reader.

I’m sending young James a coveted reporter’s notebook.

If Post Falls is now the 10th most populous city in Idaho, then perhaps it’s fair to say that: “… CDA residents tired of Idaho went to leave for Washington, got tired and stopped.” – Greg Schlatter

“… Idaho must not have many people.” – Dave Whipple

Sandpoint reader Peter Lucht wonders: “In our digital age, why do some TV news stories still contain images called ‘footage’? Is that accurate anymore?”

Maybe it’s like “dialing” a phone.

Today’s Slice question: Ever driven like a lunatic while desperately searching for a restroom in a nonrural setting?

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; fax (509) 459-5098; e-mail I wonder if any Slice readers gave up green beer for Lent.

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