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Sun., March 20, 2011

It’s all in the memo

The Powell Memo goes a long way toward explaining the power and effectiveness of the ultraconservatives who are dominating the political scene today.

Following the guidance of the Powell Memo, the Koch brothers, the Coors brothers, Richard Mellon Scaife and many other wealthy members of the libertarian/free market mindset have spent over $3 billion over the last 30-some years influencing political and social thought.

We are not talking conspiracy here. These like-minded folks and their associates have just followed the recommendations of former Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell. It is a succinct, seven-page theoretical framework and political blueprint for the current assault on unions, democratic values and progressive public life. The strategy is all there.

They have endowed university professorships and universities themselves. They have established a network of public intellectuals, think tanks, foundations, media outlets and powerful lobbying interests.

Those who knew the plan and the players have done little to identify or tackle the problem head-on. Was it lack of resources, teamwork or organizational skills?

Will the power of wealth overcome the power of the people? Looks 1,000 times worse than I imagined it. And I had low expectations.

Bart Haggin


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