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Letter: Stockton earns time

Sun., March 20, 2011

With regards to John Blanchette’s article, “Time to buy some stock in Stockton” (March 16), count me among the “foolish grumps” (a grumpette).

I did not maintain, however, that David Stockton “was filling a uniform because of his last name.” I judged that David would get special playing time because of his last name. I decided to wait and watch as the season progressed to prove I was right.

I compared his playing minutes with the effectiveness of his every move on the court to gauge his worthiness. Then something surprising happened. I saw David stealing the ball, making unbelievable 3s, hitting his free throws, making some really gutsy moves toward the basket and taking some hard defensive hits.

I saw a spunky, size-doesn’t-matter-I’m giving-it-my-all confidence about him … and I became an instant fan.

Now I count the minutes until he goes in and look forward to what he’ll do next.

He has earned every opportunity. As coach Mark Few said, “We don’t have to teach him how to play.”

If David is smart enough to listen to or ask for every bit of coaching advice from his father, John, on how he can improve his time on the floor, he will establish himself in his own right as a remarkable point guard. His dad’s legacy won’t matter. David will become the best he can be and that’s plenty good enough.

Rosalie Nourse



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