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Tue., March 22, 2011

From our archives, 50 years ago

A group of Spokane business forecasters had a hopeful message for 1961. They said “flickering but persistent signals” indicated that Spokane’s yearlong recession was ending.

Things looked better for most of Spokane’s sectors:

Lumber: Prices and demand were up.

Construction: Building starts appeared to be no worse than the previous year.

Mining: The Bunker Hill strike was over and silver was looking strong.

Real estate: The housing backlog was beginning to ease.

Retail: Sales were up.

The last word came from one banker, who said, “When there is nowhere to go but up, you go up.”

From the movie beat: The Fox Theatre was running a provocative movie titled “Sanctuary,” starring Lee Remick and Yves Montand. The ad copy read: “The hushed truth about the governor’s daughter … and what happened that night she went looking for ‘kicks’ – in a short, red fringe dress … ”

However, if moviegoers really wanted some kicks, they probably went to the State Theatre, which was offering “The Nudist Story,” with the tagline, “Nudity in all its innocence – it’s gay, it’s charming, it’s beautiful!”

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