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Sun., March 27, 2011

Patients vs. police

I agree with your March 11 editorial regarding the excessive limitations on legislation concerning the medical use of cannabis.

The amendments to the bill were obviously composed by Washington state law enforcement. The bill in its revised form requires the governing body to provide a list to law enforcement of patients registered under the medical cannabis amendment “when accessing the registration system for criminal investigations, which, at a minimum, requires an articulated individualized suspicion of criminal activity.” In other words, they ask for the list and they get it.

What happened to patient privacy? I can just see our esteemed police force breaking into Grandma’s house (with guns drawn, of course) to investigate her cannabis consumption while she’s lying on her deathbed. You can’t even get them to investigate a felony burglary because they are way too busy running around town doing God knows what, but soon they will have a new job: tormenting people in pain.

Jennifer Rascoff


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