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Sun., March 27, 2011

Proposition 4 will rise again

Jonathan Brunt wrote that the Community Bill of Rights, also known as Proposition 4, “was thoroughly rejected by voters in 2009.”

When you take into consideration that our local grass-roots effort was outspent 5-1, with most of their $350,000 coming out of state and from the National Home Builders Association; was subject to much misinformation and an egregious (if often entertaining) smear campaign; suffered unprecedented interference and shenaniganism from City Hall; and offered a radically different approach to securing democracy for our community, I find the fact that one out of four Spokane voters approved the measure to be very encouraging.

The reaction of local and national corporate power makes it clear that we are on the right path to challenge their stranglehold on the democratic process. Although not quite as bold and comprehensive as our first try, I’m proud to be part of Envision Spokane’s “second attempt” to change business as usual in Spokane.

Lori Aluna


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