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What’s being taught?

Sun., March 27, 2011

When has winning become everything?

Sixty percent of the starting basketball players for WSU have been cited for possession of marijuana. One was cited twice and one was holding his baby while rolling a joint. Who knows how many other WSU players have a problem with marijuana.

How can coach Ken Bone not punish these players? What message is he sending?

Yes, Reggie Moore and Klay Thompson each sat out a game. DeAngelo Casto gets caught and “lawyers up.” It does not matter that the cops lacked a search warrant. He was still in possession of an illegal substance. He still gets to play in the “JV” tournament in New York.

Bone and athletic director Bill Moos, do you have children? Are these athletes role models for your kids? Do your actions regarding these situations set a good example for them?

Part of coaching is teaching integrity and discipline. Bone and Moos obviously know nothing about this, because winning is the only thing to them.

Tim Chapman



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