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Higher pay lures better minds

When women were not accepted in the professions, the best and brightest became teachers. They made more money that way. Now the best and brightest women are doctors, lawyers, and business owners.

Now we are on a national binge of running down teachers as “overpaid,” when they are not paid nearly enough to attract the best and the brightest. The nation is paying a terrible price for that.

Worse, the people who are getting the top wages, such as lawyers, entertainers, sports athletes and bankers, are not contributing to our future and may be part of our present problems.

When we at least double the salary of teachers, the competition for their jobs will get the best people in front of students. Further cutting of teacher pay will not improve the quality of teachers nor the knowledge of our students.

When you think about it, there is another point to consider. The “best and brightest” by definition cannot include everyone. The best and brightest who are teachers will not be doctors or whatever. It is unrealistic to hope that all teachers will be the best and brightest. Being realistic about what to expect is part of the challenge.

Allan deLaubenfels

Spokane Valley

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