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Washington records 03-29-2011

Spokane County

Marriage licenses

David M. Newcomb and Tami L. Newcomb, both of Spokane.

Max G. Syrn and Natalia S. Sokolova, both of Spokane.

Leonard S. Miller, of Spokane, and Rachel A. Fisher, of Ford, Wash.

Steven C. Fitzgerald and Niki Weekly, both of Spokane.

John J. Edwards and Megan M. Vandergaag, both of Deer Park.

Nathanael M. Olsen, of Medford, Ore., and Brittney L. Johnson, of Clayton, Wash.

Daniel J. Burkey and Ashley M. Hunt, both of Spokane.

Ryan J. Graves and Kelly M. Alexander, both of Spokane Valley.

In the courts Superior courts

New suits

Chase Bank USA N.A. v. Amie L. Hamilton, money claimed owed.

Target National Bank v. Krystal M. Castles et al., money claimed owed.

Target National Bank v. Arthur E. Stone et al., money claimed owed.

Appleway Equipment Leasing Inc. v. Carlos Puac et al., money claimed owed.

Chase Bank USA N.A. v. John A. Walls, money claimed owed.

Zachary W. Acres v. Philip K. Sherwood, injuries/vehicle collision.

Michael Greene v. Jon Prince, injuries/vehicle collision.

Willetta F. Schatz v. Fred Meyer Stores Inc., negligence.

Dick L. Newton et al. v. Elizabeth C. Bowman et al., restitution of premises.

Jon Whipple v. Courtney Sevier, restitution of premises.

Moland Management Co. et al. v. John Aaron et al., restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Vargas-Holt, Corrina, and Holt, Kyle M.

Bates, Derick and Brittney

Soheili, Atabak and Nazli

Reeder, Lynne M. and Robert K.

Kingston, Laretta M. and Brandon R.

Lawrence, Daniel and Stacy

Green, Stephanie P. and Ronald

Dipzinski, Erin L. and Aaron C.

Sexsmith, Penny D. and Robert A.

Marriage dissolutions granted

Reiter, Rachelle M. and Porter F.

Delong, Linda R. and Gary W.

Choate, Deborah G., and Stancevic, Dragan

Monroy, Tabitha J. and Laverne R.

Mims, Meghan K. and Chad M.

Claassen, Daniel W. and Carol L.

Peterson, Claire A., and Jennings, William E.

Russell, Lydia M. and Billy D. Jr.

Browning, Desiree A., and Bustamonte-Monroy, Antonio

Agman, Zachary T. and Jessica C.

Benson, Shannon L. and Kevin L.

Declaration of Invalidity

Mikus, Lori and Thomas

Criminal sentencings

Judge Maryann C. Moreno

Chad A. Radden, 21; nine months in jail, after pleading guilty to second-degree burglary and second-degree theft.

Richard B. Lee, 18; three months in jail, after pleading guilty to two counts of harassment.

Zachariah L. Zech, 33; 90 days in jail with credit given for 67 days served, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to failure to register as a sex/kidnap offender.

Judge Annette S. Plese

Robert L. St. John, 41; 12 months in jail, after pleading guilty to two counts of third-degree retail theft with extenuating circumstances.

Judge Jerome J. Leveque

Bryan J. Storms, 37; 22 months in prison, after pleading guilty to attempting to elude a police vehicle.

Federal court

Bankruptcy petitions

Chona Lapitan, Moses Lake; debts of $43,291.

Victoria Hohmann, Moses Lake; debts of $416,551.

Donald Fuller, III, Connell, Wash.; debts of $319,397.

Janine Jacobus, Pasco; debts of $65,278.

Jimmie and Cynda Tungate, Nine Mile Falls; debts of $537,301.

Douglas and Jessica Hartman Jr., Moses Lake; debts of $47,146.

Janice Konestes, 215 W. 19th Ave.; debts of $195,353.

Lori Walters, Pasco; debts of $156,359.

Michael and Aunalee Lindsey, Deer Park; debts of $227,459.

Jennifer Brown, Spokane Valley; debts of $25,161.

Hayes and Sarah Griffith, Pasco; debts of $234,061.

Charles Everett, Airway Heights; debts of $39,418.

Peter and Wendy Black, 903 E. 33rd Ave.; debts of $88,220.

Danielle Remington, 7015 N. Standard; debts of $199,379.

Rachel Campbell, 5732 N. Walnut; debts of $3,409.

Joel Angstrom, 3431 W. Queen Place; debts of $255,759.

Jami Figard, 2801 E. 35th Ave.; debts of $23,920.

LaVerne Sullivan, 713 E. Liberty and Suzanne Sullivan, Mead; debts of $36,568.

Michael and Kimberly Dixon, Springdale, Wash.; debts of $297,273.

Elden and Shirley Richardson, Moses Lake; debts of $258,354.

Theresa Davis, 120 W. Cora Ave.; debts of $21,714.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge John O. Cooney

Glenn V. Geile, 50; two days in jail with credit given for one day served and with one day converted to eight hours of community service, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Top stories in Spokane

Freeman students march in unity to honor memory of slain classmate Sam Strahan

UPDATED: 9:38 p.m.

Drenched in sunshine and a sharp spring wind, more than 70 students marched Friday out of Freeman High School behind a “Freeman Strong” banner to the same football field where they sheltered in fear last September following the shooting that killed 15-year-old Sam Strahan and injured three girls.