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Wed., March 30, 2011, midnight

Congress too slow to act

There has been much rhetoric from members of Congress, especially the Republicans, claiming that the action in Libya should not have been taken without congressional approval. A rational person would know that had we waited for Congress to act, Gadhafi would have killed all the opposition and tightened his control while the unending debate continued. Once it was too late to act and the opposition had been crushed, Congress would finally get around to taking a vote, which would progress along strict party lines.

When there is a need for timely action, we cannot afford to wait on politicians and special interests to pontificate and maneuver for advantage. Fulfilling our commitment to our allies in NATO and the U.N. resolution was imperative. A despot’s army was killing innocent civilians along with those who were actively attempting to establish a democracy. This in a country which had actually supported terrorism.

Lewis Zechmeir

Ephrata, Wash.

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