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Wed., March 30, 2011

Fault placed for learning woes

Having worked with children since 1963, I’m very aware of how many more children today are in classrooms for those having severe behavior and/or learning problems. Please consider the following possible causes.

• A home where people scream at one another, often call children “bitch,” etc. Stress and belittlement are killers of a child’s ability to concentrate. They grow up without a clue to who they really are as people and often act out in negative ways away from home.

• Parents who have used alcohol and/or other drugs before, during and after pregnancy. That marijuana you want legalized so badly stays in the human system attaching to the fat calls, even those around the brain. One side effect of THC is paranoia. Secondhand smoke from cigarettes and marijuana does enter the bodies of children. Men, do you really believe the drugs you take do not affect your sperm?

• Do you prepare healthy food for your family? A brain cannot function properly on sugar and junk food. Do you use your money for wholesome food or do you take the easy way and purchase pre-fab food?

Sometimes a little guilt helps.

Julie Wokasch


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