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Sterling develops bug spray

Spokane Valley bug-trap maker Sterling International will add its first bug spray this summer, the company announced.

For more than 25 years Sterling has made Rescue brand, pesticide-free traps that kill a variety of bugs.

The new spray, coming in a 14-ounce metal can in July, will use “natural oils” that will kill wasps, yellowjackets and hornets directly, said company spokeswoman Stephanie Cates.

A national retailer that is one of Sterling’s largest distributors specifically requested Sterling develop a spray product, Cates said.

She said the product uses oils and compounds that are not toxic and don’t pose environmental problems. She acknowledged the product is an actual pesticide and is a departure from how Sterling has eradicated bugs in the past.

“That brought out a lot of discussion (in the company),” Cates said. “In the end we decided we wanted something that was innovative and that was not a ‘me-too’ product.”

Called the WHY Spray (for wasps, hornets, yellowjackets), it will sell for $6.99 per can.

The cans will be filled by another partner but the product will be shipped from Sterling’s Spokane Valley warehouse.

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