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Jim Kershner’s This day in history

Thu., March 31, 2011

From our archives, 100 years ago

About 1,200 Washington State College students – including every woman – went on strike until the “miscreants” who “terrorized the girl’s dormitory” were captured and expelled.

Earlier, four male students broke into a dorm and tossed the sleeping girls onto the floor in a prank that got way out of hand. After a schoolwide “indignation” meeting was held, the students voted unanimously to remain away from class until the responsible parties were expelled.

The problem for WSC’s administration was this: Nobody knew which four boys had done it.

About 50 male students – including star football players – had already been “hauled on the carpet” for questioning. Yet administrators hadn’t narrowed the field much beyond that.

Many male students were leading the picketing of classrooms. A group of them climbed the tower of the administration building and “removed the clapper from the big bell,” preventing the bell ringing for classes.

One girl was badly bruised after being knocked out of her bed. Another girl “suffered a nervous breakdown” and left for home.

They reported that the boys yelled, as they fled, “We did scare them badly.”

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