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Marxism lives

Mr. Vern Stevens’ April 24 letter advocates a return to the taxation levels of the 1940s and 1950s, on the premise that higher tax rates on the rich would resolve the national debt, while couching his terms carefully to project class envy in the best leftist tradition.

In the 1940s, people were ashamed to take anything from the government – any welfare was a badge of shame. Illegals were not allowed to remain in the United States to drain the economy. The GI Bill assisted with college tuition, but it was a long way from providing a “free ride.” Virtually everyone paid taxes, while today almost 50 percent of the population pays nothing.

Of concern is Mr. Stevens’ picking an income level ($57,000) and claiming that anyone earning over that amount was “taking from his fellow citizens.” Nothing could be more Marxist.

The individuals I know who are wealthy educated themselves, worked long and hard and lived frugally, while saving and investing to get ahead. Anyone who believes these individuals should continue working, in order to “share” their good fortune, is smoking some really good stuff.

George A. Bratina


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