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Sun., May 1, 2011, midnight

Route cuts hurt transit

As a frequent rider of the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) buses, daily for school, my job and to get to entertainment, I must state my disapproval at how many routes have reduced or eradicated services.

Trying to “go green” and not spending copious amounts of money on gas is a wonderful idea, yet many people are not willing to make the change to ride STA because of the poor route service. It’s disappointing when one wants to get somewhere specific, yet the only bus stop nearby is nine blocks away or the buses only stop there once or twice a day.

If they only knew how many people rode the buses each and every day and how much effect a good public transit system has on a city’s ability to thrive, this many cuts to routes would not be made. If cuts are reduced and multiple stops and routes are added, more and more people will begin to use the services of STA, therefore bringing in more of a budget to keep the good influx of riders.

More STA users means more cash flow, better routes and a greener, cleaner, more efficient Spokane.

Megan A. Morse


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