May 2, 2011 in Features

The Slice: The can-do spirit of certain recyclers

By The Spokesman-Review

Let’s start with a Slice answer from Francie Radecki.

“Regarding how carefully I rinse out the cans/bottles before putting them in the recycling: Let’s put it this way – it drove my sister, Pauline, crazy!

“She lived in the country in Montana where you hauled your own garbage to the dump, and you did NOT clean it beforehand. She told me once, ‘I bet you are the only person in Spokane who rinses out your soup cans before you put them in your bingey.’

“It’s a memory that makes me smile now. I lost her to cancer in December. She’s probably still shaking her head at me.”

Then there was this from Shanna Cejka.

“At first, I hated the fact that Otis would empty the recycle bin into the yard to lick clean all of the already scrubbed cans,” she wrote.

Otis, by the way, is a dog.

“Then one day my husband opened the back door and handed the can straight to a waiting and eager Otis, who took it gingerly in his mouth and ran to the yard.

“My husband shrugged and said, ‘What? Look at all the time we’ll save.’

“Ever since, I have had an automatic can and peanut butter jar cleaner.”

She just wishes Otis would place the recyclables in the bin when he’s done.

You do the math: A South Hill reader sent a snapshot of an official city sign at the “Hatch Road & 57th Avenue Rehabilitation Project.”

Under “Construction Costs” it lists:

“$345,000 Million Bond”

“$223,000 Million FED”

“$568,000 Million Total”

So my correspondent had one question. “Are we talking trillions?”

Bloomsday shirts from the past: “Years ago, my sister had a T-shirt that said, ‘Run Bloomsday? Hell no! Never have, never will,’ ” wrote Shelley Davis.

“She wore it the year that she walked Bloomsday. When people commented on the T-shirt, she just told them that she’s wishy-washy.”

Today’s Slice question: Where are you sore today?

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