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Something to think about

Idaho’s Legislature may have drunk distilled potato juice last session as they said the classroom teachers are replaceable with laptop computers.

I suggest teachers in a classroom are not to pass on data and information. Rather, a teacher’s job is to set the standards and instill in all students a desire to learn; only then will students put in the work needed to learn, and so gain knowledge.

Too many of us feel education is test results or grades; it is not. Education is kids gaining a love of learning and thinking. Maybe Idaho’s GOP wants non-thinking voters? Is that the legacy they want to leave?

Life may seem just easier, somehow, if one stops thinking and turns to Otter’s cartoon channel. “Don’t think!” If cartoons baby-sit kids in diapers, why not educate? Parents now can turn up the TV volume. Hey, “Let’s go fishing!”

John Heffernan



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