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Looking for healthy option

Obama’s health care plan has been in the news lately, but there are some issues no one’s raised.

My ex-son-in-law and several co-workers were wrongfully fired a few years ago because the cost of their prescription drugs was raising the companies’ premiums too high. My daughter-in-law broke her foot at work and was on Labor and Industries for a year. Her company won’t hire her back because she has type 1 diabetes and diabetic supplies are expensive. My son lost his medical coverage after they had to pay to repair his broken arm.

What good is medical coverage at work if using it too much gets you fired or gets your hours cut so they don’t have to cover you or keeps you from getting employed?

We need national health insurance. Nothing else will work. The deaths, bankruptcies and suffering caused by not having health insurance is matched by employment insecurity over using it.

Judith M. Jones



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