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Sun., May 8, 2011

Fast lane to sainthood

My Catholic co-religionists would do well to realize that the current rush-rush in prioritizing the candidacy of the most immediately previous pope is mostly a matter of politics, much of it secular.

Should this powerful personage be regarded as an inspiration and exemplar? In many respects it would seem so. But was he even remotely complicit in the church scandals and clerical cover-ups? Have all the many questions been considered? Why the push? Might it be politics?

Why offer hurried ecclesial recognition, and special fast-track status to the man who did so much to stifle the implementation of Vatican II?

Is he a saint? Sure, along with all persons who’ve ever lived and died. That’s what Good Friday and Easter Sunday are all about! Once created, we are all destined to live with God.

Let’s leave all questions of justification and balancing of spiritual accounts to our loving Creator and Sustainer. None of us will ever be worthy. All of us should ever be grateful and joyful. Let’s trust in the contagion of God’s love and live as witnesses to our belief and commitment.

Tom Westbrook


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