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Sun., May 8, 2011

Let the celebration begin

Kenneth Johansen (Letters, May 4) is shocked over Americans celebrating the death of bin Laden. Why?

Contrary to what Mr. Johansen believes, Americans and the world did celebrate the death of Adolf Hitler at the end of World War II. Like Hitler, this man was the personification of evil, responsible for the deaths of thousands, and his downfall should be celebrated!

According to Mr. Johansen, this man deserved a bit of reverence. He was given more than he deserved by the U.S. Navy at his funeral rites. True, he had a mother, father, wives and children. So did his victims at the World Trade Center, on the U.S.S. Cole and in Kenya, along with the thousands of other innocents who are dead because of this piece of garbage.

Mr. Johansen, what separates us from the attitude of terrorists is this. Bin Laden was not an innocent victim, he was a mass murderer. We did not strike for terror purposes, but for justice. If you can’t see the difference in this, then I’m sorry for you.

The death of this heinous enemy and the fact that he will never be able to kill ever again should be celebrated.

K.L. Edgren


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