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Osama got what he deserved

As a Muslim born in America, the news of the death of Osama bin Laden gives me joy and relief. I will always look back on May 1, 2011, as the day when long-awaited justice was done to a tyrant who attacked my country and desecrated my faith.

As a Muslim, I would like to say, our Muslim community at large has stood with us at the time of 9/11 and differentiated between the terrorist act and our Islamic faith. We as Americans in our society associated Osama bin Laden with Islam. On the contrary, Islam is about peace and saving humanity. Whereas, bin Laden was all about killing and demoralizing the Islamic religion.

It is time we as Muslims fulfill our Islamic duty and condemned bin Laden for what he was, a mass murderer, and rescue not only Islam but also our misguided youth from the clutches of this mischief monger.

Sonia A. Khokhar



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