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Sun., May 8, 2011

Town hall invitation open

Why hasn’t Cathy McMorris Rodgers held a town hall meeting defending her vote overhauling Medicare? Is she afraid her constituents are fighting mad like others across America? Is she afraid to repeat the lie told by Paul Ryan and others in the House that Medicare recipients will have exactly the same health coverage they and all federal employees have?

It matters that voters understand the federal health plan pays a guaranteed 72 percent to 75 percent of the average cost of offered health plans. The Republican plan for Medicare is to tie cost to the Consumer Price Index rather than paying a guaranteed percentage. Because health care costs rise significantly higher than other consumer goods, the cost for health care always outstrips the Consumer Price Index. Therefore, under the Republican plan, older and disabled Americans will pay ever-increasing costs for health care.

If Republicans are serious about the merits of their plan, let millionaires, to whom this country has been so good, be first to try the voucher plan and serve as America’s guinea pigs.

And, we would like Cathy to schedule a town hall meeting so we can tell her what we think about her performance representing us.

Carol A. Johns


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