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Sat., May 14, 2011

Cancel that voucher

The Ryan plan to change Medicare into a voucher plan, i.e., privatizing the care of old folks, does not apply to those that are currently 55 and older. If it did, Republicans know it would have nil chance of passage.

Republicans, including our own congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, know that if they tried to eliminate decent medical care for current baby boomers it would go down in flames.

They know that younger voters, who the plan actually applies to, are unlikely to realize how devastating this will be to them later in life. Younger voters are distracted by the realities of keeping (or finding) a job, raising their children, and paying their mortgages. They simply don’t pay that much attention to politics that affect their “golden” years.

Imagine yourself at 70 years old, voucher in hand, asking CIGNA or WellPoint to give you a decent plan for the puny fixed amount Ryan proposes. The very fact that Ryan, McMorris Rodgers and their congressional cronies have to purposefully sidestep current and soon-to-be Medicare recipients proves they know their plan is a gift to insurance companies, given at the expense of my adult children.

Patrick M. Reeves


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