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Sat., May 14, 2011, midnight

Pitts finds what he seeks

Apparently, anyone who disagrees with Leonard Pitts is a redneck bigot.

The underlying motive of those concerned about Mr. Obama’s citizenship is simply bigotry.

However, that need not be the case. The Constitution states that one must be a natural-born citizen of the USA to be president. I couldn’t imagine anyone being elected for public office, locally or nationally, who did not have the correct documents to verify his or her citizenship.

But these things do happen.

There is such a thing as lying and bribery in politics; and this occurred long before African-Americans were able to enter politics. So it’s not of necessity a racial matter.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pitts engages in the same senselessness that he decries. As long as we choose to vilify those who disagree with us, the negative climate will continue.

Like his “redneck” counterparts, he sees what he looks for. In their case, conspiracy; in his case, bigotry.

Virginia Powers


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