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Political path evident early

I have known Ben Stuckart since grade school. When people ask me if I’m surprised that Ben is running for City Council president, I don’t hesitate to say that I’m not surprised at all. In fact, Ben has been preparing for a position like this since high school, back when we were involved in Junior Statesman at Lewis and Clark.

After college at Gonzaga, Ben went on to find success in the business world, increasing sales at TicketsWest from $21 million to $34 million in six years, as well as the nonprofit world, starting Communities In Schools of Spokane County which now helps thousands of children each year.

In addition to having the right experience for the job, Ben also has the right qualities. He has an endless amount of energy and a strong commitment to our community. Ben surrounds himself with a wide variety of people. He always does his homework on the issues and can keep the goal in mind while leading others through the steps to get there.

So I am not surprised that Ben Stuckart is running for City Council president. He is exactly the kind of person who should be doing the job.

Jody R. Shapiro



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