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Reform for ‘their’ sake

On April 27, to my surprise, I read: “We grew up in California. We know what it’s going to look like if they keep coming up here.”

The time has come for our community to engage in a conversation on Latino immigration reform, before people act upon their feelings. Recently, I have read similar comments in the news. If these are not signs of hate, then what is it?

I was born in the U.S., grew up in Colombia, but I still feel I am part of “them.” I read the article again with a group of undocumented students who read, speak and write better English than I do because they grew up in this country. They are studying, working, and more committed to the values of our society than many American citizens. Nonetheless, when they graduate, they will be treated as second-class because they do not have the right papers.

I would like to see Spokane take leadership on issues of immigration reform, and especially the Dream Act. I cannot stand reading the frequent hateful comments in the news and simply waiting for some politician to do something.

Olga Lucia Herrera



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