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FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2011

Slice reader Marjorie Lefevre said one drawback to hanging laundry out on the clothesline to dry is having your underwear on display.

Let’s move on.

Pre-weekend reminder: There are about four things that can go wrong in a hurry if you try to carry a too-big bag of potting soil.

Sometimes getting older is OK: At least it can seem that way when guys are swapping stories about how long it has been since they were in crowded bars/clubs where overserved patrons urinated in the men’s room sinks.

Just wondering: How do people in your business or organization respond to arguably sane criticism from customers?

A) Blow it off and then belittle the complainer behind his back. B) Try to understand the customer’s perspective. C) Assume that anyone with praise is astute and anyone with a beef is an idiot. D) Circle the wagons with similarly insecure, rationalizing co-workers. E) Other.

Here’s one answer: Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, Albany and Boston.

Now what’s the question?

(It can be found down below The Slice’s contact info.)

This date in Slice history (1995): A Deer Park couple had the same answer for questions about the best reason to visit downtown Spokane and the best reason to avoid it.

“The people.”

Warm-up questions: How many families lived in one part of Spokane and saw magpies all the time and then moved to another section of the city and seldom encounter the big birds? Do you wrap dental floss around your fingers so tightly that you find yourself hurrying to finish just so you can unwind the strand and get some relief? How long did it take before you stopped trusting those paper grocery sacks with handles? Ever stare at a certain kitchen implement or garden tool and think “You know, I’ll bet I could defend my home and family with this thing”?

Today’s Slice question: At what point does a failure to pick up pinecones beforehand transform lawn-mowing into something more akin to wood chipping?

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