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Jobs are top priority

Why is Congress not focused on jobs?

It appears that the Republican majority in the House would rather wage war against women, the poor and the elderly, rather than work on creating jobs or anything really productive.

The Republicans want to abolish Medicare as we know it. Are we going to allow seniors to be at the mercy of the private insurance companies who will make them pay even more for health care?

Keep your hands off my grandmother’s Medicare. She spent much of her life working and raising a family and deserves better treatment from lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

If you want to have a significant impact on the budget, bring our troops home, slash an obscenely bloated Pentagon budget and end the Bush tax cuts which cost more than entitlements.

Tearing down our social safety net while corporations and individuals with large amounts of wealth get tax breaks and subsidies is unethical and immoral – period.

Leave Medicare alone.

Michael Dague



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