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Sat., May 21, 2011, midnight

Poor can’t bear entire burden

The Republican budget is based on the belief in a small America. In a small America, a few are rich and most are poor.

The Republicans say, over and over, that “America is broke,” as if there is no hope of a financial recovery and a rebound to financial health. In this view, the rich have no choice but to clutch all the money or they, too, will be poor.

Well, if history is a lesson, there will be a rebound and the financial debt will be retired just as it has so many times in our past. It is not necessary to steal all the money from the poor to keep the wealthy well off. But that is the founding principle of the Republican budget.

The sensible thing is for our national government to increase our economy and for the Republicans to keep their campaign promises to build jobs instead of their slash-and-burn policies. In hard times like this period, sharing the burden is the civil and useful thing to do. The slash-and-burn method admits to no faith in or hope for America.

Do you believe in a small America?

Allan deLaubenfels

Spokane Valley

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