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Practice those listening skills

So School District 81, in the midst of a great budget crisis, thinks up this genius idea – add another six-figure salary administrator.

Incredible! Could the school board be any more tone-deaf if they actually tried? Could they lower the morale of their employees (none of whom makes anything near a six-figure salary) – teachers, custodians, educational support personnel – any further than it has already sunk?

One would think that the person to handle this great dilemma, this unprecedented issue of our times that will change so much of our future, would be none other than the superintendent.

She’s like, so smart! And so educated! And, she makes a huge pile of money! She’s perfect for the job, right? Actually, isn’t it her job to handle this stuff?

It is very puzzling that the administration of SD 81 seems to have become what teachers try to teach their students to beware of: a bureaucracy in the business of maintaining itself at the expense of the public, who entrusts them to use their funds wisely; the students, who expect to be educated and not just trained; and the employees, who deserve the respect of the people they work for. Three strikes – you’re out.

Scott Paulus

Spokane Valley


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