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St. John’s has always been good neighbor

Sat., May 21, 2011

What happened to love thy neighbor? Have you all gone crazy?

St. John Vianney has been the best neighbor anyone could have for over 50 years. I drive down Broadway, Felts, Walnut, and Farr and see all of these green signs. You think that by putting a retirement home where a vacant house is will bring the value of the houses down – the signs are doing a better job.

It’s kind of funny that nobody complains about all of the apartment complexes that are a block away. What about the liquor store that’s also a block away. Don’t forget about Ace’s Casino that was also a block away. How about WinCo, which has brought more traffic?  I didn’t see any signs when all of these businesses went in.

Are you afraid of senior citizens that will be minding their own business, not driving up and down your street, and walking to church. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. If anything the retirement home will raise the values of your homes, a lot better than a rental house. 

I went to school at St. John’s and so did my brother and five sisters. It was the some of best years of my life. I had excellent teachers and coaches. My mom works at the rummage sale every year and my dad works at the spaghetti dinner every year. If you want to taste real pasta walk across the street and try it.

How do you think you are making these senior citizens feel? They just want to live in a nice place with good neighbors and be close to their church.

     Jerry Milla

      Spokane Valley


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