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Water rate hike unneeded

I am writing to deeply protest the huge water rates the City Council stuck us all with this winter. This “slow the flow” program is nothing but an advanced aggressive tax on the unsuspecting public because they can’t live within their budget like everyone else.

Experts agree that it is virtually impossible for Spokane to ever run out or low on water. We have a full aquifer below us that is always full no matter what the flow of the Spokane River is.

This is what happens when they give in to the constant union demands of higher pay and benefits of city workers.

I’ve never seen a city with unlimited water promote dried up lawns and dead gardens. They figure if Avista can stick it to us in the winter then the city can do it in the summer.

When you receive a water bill this summer for $300 to $600 you’ll be screaming the same thing, throw the mayor and the council member who voted for this out on the streets.

Robert Vincent



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