Letters to the Editor

SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2011

Put your hand-helds up

I noticed signs at Broadway and Sullivan stating, “On patrol seat belts.”

They need one that states, “On patrol cellphones.”

Since the hand-held cellphone law was enacted, I have not seen any less use of hand-held cellphones.

I was driving from the I-90 and Argonne off-ramp and I observed five people talking on hand-held telephones and text messaging from that turnoff to Upriver Drive.

On one occasion at the intersection at Trent and Argonne, the driver in front of me was stopped and talking on a hand-held cellphone.

A sheriff’s car was stopped next to him, looked at the driver and did nothing.

This law has either no teeth or no enforcements.

Traveling on I-90 there is always a half dozen people talking on hand-held cellphones.

Let’s do something about this problem.

Ray Anderson


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