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The Slice: Seminal moments in our history

Things haven’t been the same around here since …

“The Indians dropped from AAA level to short season A.” – Tim Osborn

“Neighborhood kids had the paper routes.” – Joe Jovanovich

“Expo ’74, when Californians discovered Spokane.” – Mike Dodson

“Ira Joe Fisher left to be a weatherman on national TV.” – Bob Beare

“Those darn marmots moved in.” – Dan Mork

“The Spokesman-Review paid $1 for the first buttercup found at the start of the new year by a schoolchild.” – Marilyn Moore

“J.C. Penney pulled out of downtown.” – Muriel Hebert

“Steve Hasson jumped out of the window of the courthouse.” – Patt Earley

“I moved here.” – Georgia Moore

“He discovered Viagra.” – Jeff Sleep

“Avista lost its conscience.” – Cyndi Ebert

“Mount St. Helens blew.” – Bill Dropko

“Women started driving.” – Bill Schwerin

“I moved from the Inland Empire to the Inland Northwest.” – Bryce Ault

“Paul Turner arrived to knock Spokane.” – Vicki Johnson

“Spring refused to come.” – Ronald Romer

“The winter of aught-eight.” – Carl McMinimy

“Chief Kirkpatrick couldn’t find another job.” – Ray Tansy

“I misplaced my mind and I can’t find it anywhere.” – Deb Goddard

“I started pouring what little cash I can acquire down the freshly dug, gaping money pit that is my 1930 Hudson hot rod.” – Lan Hellie

There were plenty more, including a fair number of good ones from readers who disqualified themselves by failing to provide a phone number. But thanks to all who entered.

I’m declaring Bill Mahaney the winner.

“Things haven’t been the same around here since … Lewis and Clark went by.”

Possible epitaph: “I worked for a title insurance company for 28 years,” wrote Mikki Tague of Colfax. “I am thinking of asking for ‘Here lies Mikki in SE S11,T16N,R43EWM.’ ”

Today’s Slice question: Has the popularity of personalized ring tones meant that people no longer think someone is calling them when a phone rings on a TV show being watched in the next room?

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