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Wed., May 25, 2011

Stretch school calendar

All schools should be year-round. Most kids think of year-round school as bad, but I see it as a good thing. With a shorter summer break, students won’t have to spend so much time relearning everything we forgot over summer. In fact, with year-round school we will have more frequent breaks so we won’t forget as much as we normally would.

Families will be able to book vacations without having to worry that everyone will be on vacation at the same time, because we will have more planned breaks. After about a month of summer break, kids usually get bored. With year-round school, summer will be about a month and a half. Parents who can’t afford to pay for daycare all summer long won’t have to send their kids somewhere for two and a half months.

Winter vacation is about three weeks and spring break is usually two weeks so we will have more breaks that last longer.

Brianna Bennett


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