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Fixing what Democrats broke

You know, Mr. Dougherty (Letters, May 22), if too many people are requesting Tim Eyman’s assistance in making things right in this state I don’t think it’s their fault for doing the right thing. Your Democrats have been in power for quite a while and have ruined the state by overtaxing, overspending and just bad governing.

We have to tie the legislators’ hands or they would have bankrupted the state long ago. Just because you elected them doesn’t mean they are looking out for the state and the people. And by the way, when is the last time you got a job from a poor person?

Your leader, Lisa Brown (and she wants to be your next lieutenant governor, ouch) has tried everything to undo what “We the People” have tried to get them to do. They, like our reps in D.C., have a spending problem, and they don’t know how to stop. We do, it’s called live within a budget! 

If you compare the liberal states vs. the conservative states, you’ll find the conservative states are doing a lot better (right to work/low union count, live within their budgets and are friendly to business – also known as jobs).

Jake Olmstead



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