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Sat., May 28, 2011

Mideast view scrambled

Geez, just when you thought it was safe to go out again because Osama had unexpected U.S. visitors, Obama, our favorite Ivy League lawyer, ex-Chicago pol, reveals his true naïveté about Mideast dangers. Fortunately, the majority of citizens and even Congress know who our friends are, and who is responsible for wars and terrorism in the past 60 years.

Tell us, Mr. President, why recent widespread Arab demonstrators have been clamoring for internal social/economic reforms, while the usual anti-Israel/U.S. blather has been conspicuously missing.

Tell us, Mr. President, why you ignore dictators in Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia, while the Muslim Brotherhood is revived in Egypt, and Hamas and Hezbollah continue to rain rockets on Israeli civilians.

Tell us, oh Wise One, why China remains in Tibet, Turkey in Cyprus and Iran-based Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, yet you want to go backwards in time and have tiny Israel give up more land to surrounding enemies obsessed with her demise.

U.S. presidents come and go, but the threats against Israel continue from those who refuse to recognize her legitimate existence – that, and repressive, anti-Arab societies, are the real obstacles to peace in the region.

Joseph Harari


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