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Huckleberries: Changes to McEuen Field will make it shine

Sun., May 29, 2011

Huckleberries isn’t surprised that proposed changes to Coeur d’Alene’s McEuen Field attracted a crowd of boo-birds. A quarter to a third of Coeur d’Alene opposes any public project. We call them CAVErs (Citizens Against Virtually Everything). Opposition to the North Idaho Centennial Trail, for example, was so stiff back when that then-Commissioner Frank Henderson blinked. Some Post Falls residents swore that Spokane undesirables on bikes would steal their TVs if the trail was built between the River City and Coeur d’Alene. Henderson proposed that visionaries forget about an actual trail and designate the Spokane River as a symbolic link between the towns. Later, anonymous CAVErs signed a letter urging Americans United for Separation of Church and State to help stop the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Also, naysayers have fought a rear-guard action against the Coeur d’Alene Library, Education Corridor, John Stone’s impressive Riverstone development, and anything involving urban renewal money. CAVErs fade away when these projects become wildly popular.

As they will again when upgraded McEuen becomes a hit.

Paging Vince ‘Bert’

You may have heard that Aryan Nations follower Vincent Bertollini has surfaced in New Mexico. Where he continues to circulate his racist propaganda. The Hate Watch blog of the Southern Poverty Law Center located Bertollini, who spent time in prison after trying to escape prosecution on a felony DUI charge in Bonner County, where he published the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger and underwrote the late Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler. Bertollini now goes by the name “Vince Bert.” Recently, Bertollini sent this message to my blog, Huckleberries Online ( hbo): “Give it a rest! Who cares anymore. To the unending gratitude of the (racist term deleted) in the Caucasian north I will never return.” Bertollini once said that his greatest mistake was moving to North Idaho, where he encountered stiff resistance from human rights activists. Good riddance.


Poet’s Corner: The day is past/that headlines captured –/are you still here/or you been raptured? – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“Status Check”) … Lists published in the last week or so show Idaho last or near the bottom in the nation in the following categories: home appreciation (increasing valuation), stress (No. 4 most stressed-out), and K-12 funding. Utah beat us Potatoheads in the last two categories. But we are No. 5 (behind No. 1 Montana and No. 4 Wyoming) in one category – number of hate groups per capita (insert frowny face) … Before you toss dairy princess Laurel Gordon of Elma, Wash., under the bus because she’s lactose intolerant, consider: My father, Franklin, was a dairyman most of his adult life and couldn’t drink milk either.

Parting Shot

Facebook Friend David Townsend offers this thought re: the noisy Coeur d’Alene CAVErs who oppose progress: “I’m curious what happened when somebody first proposed paving the city streets. Did a vocal minority complain that dirt had been fine since the city was founded and the taxpayers just couldn’t afford the luxury of paving? How about the water and sewer systems? Did somebody argue that hand pumps and outhouses were good enough and threaten the City Council with recall?”

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