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Jim Kershner’s This day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

A revival meeting turned into a mini-riot as angry women in the congregation tossed whatever came to hand – their Bibles and hymnals – at two loudly praying men at the Apostolic Mission in Spokane.

The men had succeeded in annoying the rest of the congregation with their loud praying and even louder singing.

While the women flung Bibles at their heads, the men in the congregation chased the two men outside. One of them attempted to flee by hopping nimbly across a log boom at the Phoenix Lumber Company.

But police caught up with them and booked them on disorderly conduct charges. During the booking, they “resorted to conversation in strange tongues.”

The two men, one identified as white and the other as “colored,” had been in jail before. One, who called himself by the pseudonym of Rev. Amos Ham, had served on the city rock pile earlier for another disorderly conduct charge. He appealed to the court “in strange gibberish.”

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