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Washington records


Spokane County

Marriage licenses

John M. Wittlinger and Mechelle O’Grady, both of Spokane Valley.

Jason A. Simmons and Dianna M. Rowley, both of Spokane.

Christopher R. McDowell and Amanda J. Cochran-Smith, both of Spokane.

William D. Garske and Tonya K. Strickler, both of Spokane.

Jeremy L. Cutshall, of Hayden, and Kayleigh G. Stehr, of Newman Lake.

Issaq M. Chambas and Finda M. Wallace, both of Spokane.

Anthony L. Haines, of Spokane, and Nicole R. Finney, of Mead.

Jeffrey J.L. Hayward and Megan F. Siebe, both of Spokane.

Darrell D. Klein, of Spokane, and Caitlin E. Miller, of Cheney.

Gerardo M. Flores and Edna E. Alvarado-Yanez, both of Spokane.

In the courts

Superior courts

New suits

Margaret Gruen v. Foster and Sons Contracting LLC et al., money claimed owed.

Numerica Credit Union v. James S. Walker, money claimed owed.

Linda McBride v. Karen Begelow, personal injury.

Helen Sandifur and Associates Inc. v. Heather Good et al., restitution of premises.

John Pendleton Crouch Trust v. Judy D. Porath et al., restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Hieb, Oliva and Brandon J.

Way, Siri K. and Bradley J.

Dickerson, Diana J. and Dana H.

Marriage dissolutions granted

Collins, Jack J. and Heather A.

Bottinelli, Colette A., and Christle, Jim T.

Federal court

Bankruptcy petitions

Travis Haug, Moses Lake; debts of $16,455.

Joni Parcell, 3006 E. Cleveland Ave.; debts of $119,702.

Eliseo and Lilia Aguilar Martinez, Othello; debts of $140,612.

Irvin and Jazmin Mendoza, Pasco; debts of $182,977.

James and Teresa Clemence, Goldendale, Wash.; debts of $95,363.

Cameron and Amber Kurowski, 26 E. 30th Ave.; debts of $841,394.

John and Teresa Riley, Ephrata, Wash.; debts of $19,145.

Melanie Pantoja, Pasco; debts of $27,079.

Doralicia Hernandez, 524 E. Kedlin Ave.; debts of $58,438.

Stephen and Donna Ennis, 5816 S. Donora Drive; debts of $284,164.

Leon King, Liberty Lake; debts of $86,245.

James Eklund, Spokane Valley; debts of $122,079.

Melody Youker, Nine Mile Falls; debts of $67,519.

Joan Blaisdell, Otis Orchards; debts of $52,931.

April Merwin, 624 N. Marguerite Road; debts of $91,676.

Anastasia Wood, 2101 W. First Ave.; debts of $23,697.

Justine McIntosh, 1631 W. Sixth Ave.; debts not listed.

Gabrielle Thomas, Nine Mile Falls; debts of $80,927.

Wage earner petitions

Mathew Say, Nine Mile; debts of $262,020.

Edward and Kari Packer, Pullman; debts of $201,063.

Roman Martinez, Moses Lake; debts of $67,485.

Stephen Callihan, Otis Orchards; debts of $84,625.

John Redmon, 5022 W. Rosewood Ave.; debts of $130,405.

Matthew and Evan Phillips, Garfield; debts of $333,687.

Kathy Toner, 5609 N. Hemlock St.; debts of $35,515.

Roy and Renai Strolin, Chewelah, Wash.; debts of $328,931.

Eric and Valerie Johnson, 42 E. 39th Ave.; debts of $218,006.

Sarah Engelhard, 1107 E. 29th Ave.; debts of $59,785.

Ellen Sokolis, 5722 N. Joyce Court; debts of $275,597.

Brian and Virginia Glatzmaier, 2811 E. Heroy Ave.; debts of $122,914.

Steven and Trudy Kern, 322 W. 20th Ave.; debts of $318,344.

David Hronek, 15506 E. 14th Ave.; debts of $67,451.

Raymond and Tammy Agnew, 4216 S. Napa St.; debts of $482,475.

Robert and Debra McCurdy, 4212 E. 25th Ave.; debts of $160,245.

Marlene Roden, 1017 W. Teal Ave.; debts of $197,036.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge John O. Cooney

Michael S. McVay, 35; two days in jail with credit given for two days served, 12 months probation, reckless driving; $250 fine, use/deliver drug paraphernalia.

Daniel A. Naranjo, 24; $500 fine, one day in jail converted to eight hours of community service, 12 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

Judge Donna Wilson

Aaron E. Powell, 28; $941 fine, one day in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated.

Nathan L. Reid, 30; $500 fine, 12 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

Joseph E. Rowley, 31; $750 fine, 120 days in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to reckless driving.

Jennifer K. Sabori, 35; $500 fine, 12 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to first-degree negligent driving.

Robert C. Snow, 23; $941 fine, three days in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated.

Commissioner Gerald Caniglia

Annette Goetz, 52; 17 days in jail, no contact order violation.

Judge Michelle Szambelan

Matthew L. Nelson, 41; 14 days in jail, domestic violence assault.

Scott A. Hafer, 28; 13 days in jail, making a false statement.

Brian N. Harvey, 25; 45 days in jail, theft and resisting arrest.

Virginia M. Holme, 35; 180 days in jail, first-degree driving with license suspended.

Gregory S. Nease, 41; $941 fine, driving while intoxicated.

Judge Tracy Staab

Shanteek M. Pruitt, 19; 18 days in jail, resisting arrest and domestic violence assault.

George F. Sheets, 46; nine days in jail, second-degree trespass premises.

Thomas E. Tackebury, 49; 15 days in jail, second-degree driving with license suspended.

Albert J. Vangrimbergen III, 32; 90 days in jail, theft.

Daniel M. Vonheeder, 19; 10 days in jail, theft.

Caitlin M. Walt, 20; 10 days in jail, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Justin C. Werle, 26; 90 days in jail, reckless driving and third-degree driving with license suspended.

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