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Thu., Nov. 3, 2011

Bulbs a dim idea

Regarding the Oct. 16 letter regarding the CFL bulbs. Of course they are dim, Barbara! Just take a good look at the “dim bulbs” that came up with this cockamamie scheme. And, there’s probably a great deal of people who picked them up at their Post Office who think that Avista gave them to you like a present. Don’t worry. You will pay for them – one way or another!

Just like we all will pay for the “free” wind-generated power that is creeping up on us! The only people who are going to make money on this scheme are a few landowners, the contractors who do the installing, the owners of the controlling company and, of course, Avista, which will be running to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission for another big rate increase of 8 percent to 10 percent, claiming that their present system will not handle this influx of power and will have to be upgraded.

Jerry Harnois

Oakesdale, Wash.

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