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Envisioned Spokane a reality

As former chief executive officer for the Spokane Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau, I have had the opportunity to promote this great region and tell others all the wonderful things Spokane has to offer. I interacted with all walks of life in our community, large and small, and the one thing I learned in that process was Spokane is a great place. I do not need to “Envision” a different, better Spokane. We already have it. We care about the environment. We care about others. We are not “controlled” by corporations.

Kai Huschke suggests it’s time for a change and points to the Occupy Wall Street protests as proof of an underlying frustration. Yes, we do have a Wall Street, but we also have a Riverside, a Spokane Falls Boulevard and, soon, a Martin Luther King Way. Things are good in Spokane; our community knows how to pull together to make things work. We do not need a recent transplant telling us what we need and dividing this community. We can handle it, so thanks anyway.

An interesting side note: some synonyms for “envision” are “conceit,” “fantasize” and “fantasy.” Mr. Huschke, please keep your version; we like ours just fine.

Harry G. Sladich



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